"...but do you have any idea how *surreal* this all is from my point of view, when I stand back (all the way back to 1982, in fact) and squint...?"
— Lois McMaster Bujold, to me, re: the Russian fandom

My name is Tel. I am an American writer, artist, and translator for the Vorkosigan Saga fandom. Most of my fanworks can be found here. on the Archive of Our Own, where I am an amateur coder. Some translations into Russian of my fic that jetta-e did also live there. I am a native English speaker and mostly nonfluent in Russian (I have no formal training, although I refuse to let that stop me). Feel free to reply in either English or Russian to anything on this diary - I'll puzzle it out eventually.

My fannish circle has intersected the Russian Vorkosigan Saga fandom for quite some time. I created this diary to post about and discuss various aspects of that intersection. I am primarily here because I find you all vastly entertaining. :)